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Embrace it all!

Post  qiheitiann on Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:07 pm

I mentioned before that I have been working with the young ladies (12-18 years old) that go to my church. What I didn't mention is how much fun I am having. I feel like I am in high school again (I don't know if that is a bad thing or a good thing).
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A few weeks ago we did a service project where we made and delivered frozen meals to families in our church that recently had a babies. cheap jerseysIt was so fun as we had a poem/cheer prepared for each house we visited. Each of us were in charge of memorizing a line and to make up actions that accompanied that line. It made for a fun and humorous introduction.

Throughout the night our introduction continued to get more and more elaborate, where eventually we tried to get the girls to do a nfl jerseys cheaplittle dance when they said who they were. They weren't too excited about that, but Suzi (the other leader) and I sure were! ha

This service project of making and delivering meals to five new families may seem like an easy task for those in suburbs or in "normal-ville;cheap nhl jerseys" however, this was quite a feat for us in the city where no one has a car and using public transportation would have taken all night. It was so surreal for me to have all the girls piled in a taxi as we went to the different apartments doing our service for the recent moms.

Living in NYC is so different from where I grew up, a little suburb where there are no trains and using a bus would be really embarrassing (hahaha).cheap jerseys from china Is a life out of the city better or worse? I don't think it is either, it's just so different. There are certain things that are more challenging, like this particular evening where getting from place to place was difficult. cheap nfl jerseys However, then I think about all the fun we had trying to hail a cab, walking from one apartment to the next, being piled in back of a cab with a bunch of girls laughing and giggling and a cab driver not knowing quite what to make of it all.

In a city, such as New York, there are many things that may seem inconvenient or hard; however, if you focus on the positives they will always outshine the negatives. You just need to embrace it all!

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